National S#!t Show week

Not quite over the cliff, so it can’t be called a trainwreck, I’m dubbing this “National S#!t show week.”  

Why would I call it that?

  1.  Hail damaged the cars and houses where my daughter lives.  I have a video that won’t upload showing cars looking like they were being pounded by baseballs.
  2. One of the people I work with was just thrown out of her home.  She had only a few days to pack and leave after the guy who rented it to her (possibly without a rental agreement) sold the house.  She works full time and has been packing for days.  
  3. My son has a 15 year old daughter who thought it would be fun to walk through the woods, not tell anyone where she was going, and accidentally drop her phone into a creek while her dad considered issuing an Amber alert.  Enough said.

All of the above makes my personal s#!t show seem almost meaningless.  I finally have a new computer system…sort of.

GOOD NEWS: It’s fast.  Very, very fast — a refreshing change from waiting 5 minutes for the computer to think. 

BAD NEWS:  “Accessibility” means white letters on a black background.  That’s it.   Why?  The creators of this piece of garbage (aka Windows 10 Pro) think that everyone wants to read light blue Calibri print on a shiny bluish-white background (Imagine having light blue letters half the size of this print). So far, the consensus in the office is, “What were they thinking?

WORSE NEWS:  Adobe doesn’t even care enough to do give me the option of choosing white letters on a black background.  Noooo…I get the shiny bluish-white background with skinny little light blue letters. 

To avoid another migraine, anything that requires reading a PDF will be completed at home until further notice.