Work woes

Yesterday at work:

I’d open a file…sort of…

Waiting…waiting…for the hourglass to stop staring at me and actually open the file.  There is no emergency in my office.  The computer won’t allow it.

Why is my computer so slow? 

I inherited the computer given to the guy who took my job over for 2 months and 8 days.  That’s as long as it took to retire and know that I would rather work. The guy took another job, I was called into the office, and was asked, “How long do you want to work?  I replied, “Until I die.”  It was  2017,  when we had Windows 7.  It’s a Dell that runs Windows 7 just fine.  

  • The Windows 10 website it says that model Dell I have is not suitable for Windows 10…and yes, I have the misforture (aka torture) of using Windows 10.
  • One of the features I liked about Windows 7?  The ability to change the backgrounds so that my documents were black letters on a grey background.  Everything is geared for cell phones. The result?  I can have any screen color I want as long as it’s a white background with black letters. 

Now for my cut-the-grass (coup de grâce) moment:

The front printer can spit out one page a second.  When it works. 

It’s old, tired, and wants extra naps…possibly a Mexican beer, but what do I know?  When I have to print several copies, 5 pages per copy, in color…front and back…stapled…I don’t want to see a message that says, “Call servicing.” 

I did find out that if the machine is turned off, and I wait 4 minutes to turn it back on again, it will work…for a few minutes at a time.

Aarrruuugh! A job that should take 10 minutes took an hour to complete.

The IT guy is supposed to be setting up a new computer for me on Wednesday, ergo why I’m home today and tomorrow. 

  • Today, I’m staying home to save my sanity. 
  • Tomorrow, I wouldn’t be able to do any work at the office anyway — so why waste the gas.

I have no doubt there will be yet another learning curve with my new computer, and the chances are excellent that half the stuff will have to be reloaded.

This is the slow point of in work year, a truth that may save my sanity.