It’s that time of the month again, when I ask GUE questions I really didn’t want answered. Not sure I like what I’m hearing but, then again I’m probably talking to myself anyway.

Me:    Gue?  I have a question.

GUE:  You want to know why the world is going to hell…Again.

Me:     My government has the financial capacity of a three year old having a tantrum after being told he can’t have a lollipop. So far this year, they’ve spent trillions of dollars that we don’t have.

GUE:   While you’re looking at their ineptness, do you know there are people around the world trying to kill off most of humanity?

Me:       I didn’t need to know that.

GUE:    You ask questions you do not want answered?

Me:       We have eight billion people in the world.  We treat animals as if they had no souls, and no feelings.  There are good humans on Earth, but most seem to be scum.

GUE:      Would you like to know what will happen within the next 20 years?

Me: (rolling my eyes upward): Why not?

GUE:       People will be killed.

Me:          Everybody dies.  No one gets out of Earth alive.

GUE:       You do not understand. Few will fight those who want to destroy 7/8th’s of the population.  Elderly and sick will be denied medications.  Homeless will be gunned down on the streets by the police/military.  No one will remain to stop the Cabal of greedy humans who want to be worshiped.

Me:           I have a worm’s chance in a fish farm of being alive in 20 years, so I really don’t care if a bunch of delusional people get theirs. Are aliens going to save us?

GUE:        Only the best of your species.  The greedy cabal will be the first to die.

Me:            So…the one billion who remain will be the best of our species?

GUE:         Yes.

Me:            I can live with that. What about the elite that go underground?

GUE:         They will, as one of your actors once said, have a really bad day.

Me:            Ah….icing on the cake.

GUE::          That is almost exactly what the aliens said.