Writing a third book


I’ve been busy looking up weapons — what they do, how they work, how to use them…

If it weren’t for a good security system on my computer, this would probably be happening:


To be fair, it’s a lot better than being addicted to gambling, drinking, or video games. Being a writer is both a curse and a blessing:  I just can’t stop!  The only thing that suffers is the housework.

My new book is the third in a series.  34 pages in and I have writer’s block!  Why?



  • The first book is a SciFi romance about a starship commander.  She goes on a 140 year mission and arrives home 4000 years later to a completely different civilization on Earth.  To learn the customs she has to travel down dirt roads that were once major highways — with one of the natives.
  • In the second book, the commander becomes an admiral. A new dictator takes over Earth and threatens to imprison the admiral and her crew. They escape just to discover that a greater threat to every civilization in the galaxy awaits.
  • In book #3, the admiral becomes world president.  She would rather be on a starship than babysitting politicians.  

Once the writer’s block clears, I’ll probably write 60 pages in one sitting.