What is…


…good and evil?

I asked that voice in my head I call GUE (God, the Universe and Everything)…Again.



I’m not happy with its answer.

ME:   Why is there evil in the world?

GUE:  It depends upon your perspective.

ME:   Since when is good and evil a perspective?

GUE:  Is the wolf or the rabbit evil?

ME:   Rabbits are cute.  Wolves eat rabbits, so wolves are evil.

GUE:  If there are no predators to keep the rabbit population down, they will over graze.

ME:  What does that have to do with good and evil?

GUE:  In war, the ones who win consider themselves good.  The ones who lose do not write history.

ME:  How do we rid the world of evil?

GUE:  So those who consider themselves good may overgraze the planet? You have Irish heritage. Those being sent to America believed they were indentured servants.

ME:  They could be bought, sold, whipped or killed.  That’s the definition of slavery. I have 1% African and 1% native American heritage.  That could only have happened when the Irish were sent into slavery in the 1600’s.

GUE: Or an Irish slave owner could have used a teenage slave and then used her offspring. One of his granddaughter’s offspring could have passed for white.  Both slaves would have been very happy to know of the subterfuge.

ME:  Knowing the Irish in my family, that’s quite possible.

GUE: History is told by the winner.  The winner will always say their enemy was bad.

ME:   Then what is good and evil?

GUE:  Perspective.

ME:   That’s just NOT right!

GUE:  I simply said it was true.  I never said it was right.



If you wonder why I’m 2 cans short of a 6 pack, there’s your answer!!!