Working cats and dogs

This is the hardest month at work, and I’ ve been working everyday, either at the office or at home. 

I needed a bit of humor, so I’m taking a few minutes to share the cartoons that made me laugh:

My assistant’s name is Chilly Coon Kitty.  He’s often found sleeping on anything he thinks is important to me; like my briefcase from work.


I just opened a box from Amazon yesterday, put it on my desk and Chilly Coon Kitty was immediately nestled inside it.  Now I know why:



Dogs work hard to get what they want. They can be so deceitful, especially when it comes to toys and food:


I know this is true:  The daschund I inherited sees that I’m heading for the bathroom and she thinks it’s her job to run llike a bullet before I can close the door:

I tell her, “You’re such a good dog.”

I’d swear she was smiling at me.