Who wished for a cold day in hell?

On the morning of December 24th, it’s supposed to be 27F in my part of Florida.  OMG!  It’s going to be in the 40’s in Key west!  That’s tropical sacrilege!!

This is our usual winter weather:


On Christmas eve, It’s supposed to be 42F during the day, and 27F at night for 2 nights in a row!!!  In North-central Florida! 

If Santa ordered this weather, I’m not amused. He can give me all the coals he has for bad little kids…I’ll be needing them to heat my house!!!

This is me when it’s under 65F

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I graduated from a college in Wisconsin and wore a snowsuit to class during the winter semester.  Girls shivering in their short skirts were laughing at me, but I smiled.  I was wearing a winter face covering at the time and they couldn’t see my expression.  They were free to experience the mind-numbing, pneumonia-producing cold; I was warm!

The day I moved back to Florida — almost 30 years ago — I said, “The next time I move it will be to Forest Lawn.”

Forest Lawn Cemetery Headstones, Three Oaks Township, Berrien County ...

On Christmas eve, I’ll be sleeping under 3 heavy blankets, and I’ll be surrounded by dogs.  If you don’t hear from me again in 2 weeks, you’ll know I came down with a bad case of an up-north, mind-numbing, pneumonia-producing cold.