Hair today, gone tomorrow

I’ve been watching a few videos lately.  One of them was by a woman investigating what is in the “beauty products” we’re using. 

It seems that Europe has stricter regulations than the USA.  Yes, Europe has banned 111 additives while the USA says:  Regulate yourselves and throw all the formaldahyde in it you want.

Formaldahyde is used to preserve a body before burial.  It’s toxic to humans.

Hair, it seems, is very important to the human psyche:

Bald Jokes One Liners | Kappit

It’s not just the formaldahyde that’s the problem.  It’s the benzoates and a few dozen other additives that cause breast cancer and cause hair loss.  Yes, the same beauty companies that want us to wear pink ribbons for breast cancer awareness month are putting into their products the very things that cause breast cancer.

From a man with hair loss in the family - Imgflip

My hair used to be thick, soft, and luxurious.  Now, my hair LOOKS a little thicker, soft and luxurious due to the use of a very expensive product with 50 names of chemicals in it that I can’t pronounce.


I just ordered shampoo and conditioner from a company that doesn’t put toxins in their beauty products:  Pure Haven

No, I’m not going to become a distributor. 

The last time I tried that, I became allergic to the product I was selling.  Imagine walking into a “beauty party,” asking the presenter why she isn’t wearing makeup and she says, “I’m allergic to it.”   Yep.  It was THAT bad.

I’ll let you know what I think about the new products I’m purchasing.