Nothing new…

…same anxiety inducing monthly deadlines to meet — TIMES 2!

Yes, I do yoga from May 30 until November 1.  For the next 5 months, I will be plagued with fork-in-mouth disease:

I decided to take a look at how other entities deal with stress.

First, I asked one of my dogs:

He seemed to be deep into his denial, so I asked my cat:

That seems odd, sense he doesn’t have much of a heart.  His motto is “feed me, or else!”

I grabbed my carry-bag for work today and found he’d thrown up all over it.  That was his way of saying, “You waited to long to feed me what I wanted to eat!”

Wild animals have a lot more stress than our domestic dogs and cats.  They’re always at risk of being eaten.

Somehow, I’m not “lion” when I say that I don’t see the logic in standing out in a crowd of other zebras.  Unless lions are colorblind.

I sighed, and thought it best to ask an ultra-beautiful human model how she handles anxiety.

Well, that was no help. 

I suppose this will have to be my mantra for the next 5 months:

I will be working 7 days a week to meet the deadlines and won’t be sane  (or what I think passes for sane) again until May.