Hurricane Ian tracker

Hurricane Ian might be the worst threat EVER for Ft. Myers, Florida, but up here in North Florida, it’s the biggest non-event the world has never seen.

The rain has been drizzling all day, wind is at the tree tops, and the temperature has dropped.  

On one hand, I’m thankful that Ian missed Tampa and didn’t come up the middle of the state.  On the other hand, I stepped in dog poop to close the hurricane shutters.

I’m sure I speak for all of Florida when I say that I’ll be glad when hurricane season is over.

Gainesville, Florida is the safest place to live, for they have the fewest hurricanes, and those are usually low intensity.  I live 30 minutes to the east of Gainesville, and I’m 110 feet above sea level.  It means my house won’t be flooded.

The dogs are so bored, they haven’t barked all day.

I’m about to go to sleep.