My brain is spinning inside a galaxy of information, when all it asked for was a teaspoon of thought. 

What my cat is thinking


  • With just one word, we can access anything at any time from any place in the world — whether it’s correct or not.
  • We can monetize a blog –for only a few dollars more.
  • We can send email anywhere in the world — unless it’s over 25 Megabytes, then it’s a bit more than few dollars.

In summary:  I’m living in a multi-gigabyte world and I have a manual typewriter brain.

The ambivalence is frightening.  Who, in the 1970’s, wouldn’t want a way to avoid the keys jamming when they type 90WPM?  Who would wouldn’t want to type an entire letter without having to do it over again because they missed ONE WORD.

Cat scan.

If you need a way to slow down when the world is going too fast, be owned by a cat. 

When I’m obsessing over deadlines that would have been impossible to meet in 1970, my cat will remind me that his dinner is more important.  It’s hard not to slow down when 20 pounds of coon cat takes control of your arm.

Cats don’t care how many gigabytes are eating up your computer.  A cat doesn’t care if civilizations learn how to use stargates and are thrown back into the stone age by a giant meteor once every 5,200+ years. 

A cat doesn’t have information overload. 

Cats don’t care if the Earth floods, a comet hits, and all the volcanoes are going to go active again in another 100 years.  A cat wants to be petted or fed meNow!

My quantum brain will continue obsessing over the several million terabytes of mostly-incorrect information on the internet that it cannot possibly remember, while my body is feeding the cat.