Paid anniversary

Apparently, it’s my 10th anniversary with WordPress, or should we call it Blue Word host press?

I’m underwhelmed.


I’m being congratulated for paying money each year to a blog hosting site.  

Some people have hundreds of friends.  I have sarcasm.  When I die, I want my ashes to be placed inside an urn with the following words:  “I urned this.”  I look forward to receiving multiple groans at the terrible pun.

It comes with your own personal homeless man living in his tent — in your driveway.

What has the world accomplished since my birth?  

  • Then:    Managers used to have a secretary and a file clerk.  Three people had jobs that could pay the rent.
  • Now:     Managers have to type, or dictate, their letter into a computer, and do their own filing.
  • Result:  People are doing three jobs and being paid to do one, and yet it now takes 2 people in a family to pay the rent.

I don’t see how that can be called, “progress.”  

People making $7.50 and hour (minimum wage) screamed for a $15 and hour minimum wage — and got it!  Prices have doubled, so now  $15 is worth $7.50.

When people learn how to count change again, let me know.