And I’ll raise you by one…

Facebook was advertising that Bluehost has merged with WordPress.  It’s like saying that Thor (the epitome of strength and character) married Katherine Knight (who stabbed her husband many times with a butcher knife before eating him).

That explains a lot.

I just tried to upload a picture and was told there were too many people on-line trying to do the same thing.

Well…I just tried to insert a picture already in my WP files and it refused to do that, too.  Now, I’m saving it to “draft” status. 


My present situation.

In a rather bad mood today:  The Facebook censorship squad has once again determined that the truth hurts people’s feelings.  Yes, I’m in the FB naughty corner for daring to have a different opinion.

Fifty years ago, if someone identified as a cat, a bird, or a washing machine they’d be hauled off to a place where they could believe anything they wanted to…and never escape.

Now it appears that the inmates are running the asylum.

No, I don’t give a rat’s @$$ who’s feelings are hurt, nor am I going to get into a battle of wills with people who think that common sense went bye-bye and “identify” with Santa Clause.  

Go ahead, I’m game! Try to play cultural poker by throwing the race, religion, entitlement, or disability “card” on the table.  I’ll raise the stakes!  I’m 2% a “woman of color” who is dyslexic, on social security, blind without her glasses, and has Tourette syndrome. 

Take THAT and stick it in your bird suit. 

Do I care that I was born weird.  NO.  I considered it a CHALLENGE, not a reason to play “who has the highest entitlement card.”

The older you get, the more you start to believe THIS:

Yep.  I feel better now.

Writing is GREAT therapy.