Inflation is spelled with a capital AAARRRUUUGGGH!

  • My insurance bill jumped by $50.
  • My phone bill jumped by $20.

That’s $70 less that I have for the important things in life, like Dave’s blueberry bagels, Publix black jack cherry ice cream, and Voortman’s amazingly delicious sugar cookies (vanilla, chocolate, and the peanut butter wafer I’m feasting on after my bowl of black jack cherry).

A storm is coming.  How can I live without my Dave’s bagels?

What it’s like to live on beans and rice for the rest of your life.

Did I mention that my car’s last fillup at the gas station was almost $90?  It was only $36.00 a mere 2 years ago.

Though badly spelled (by someone who doesn’t know English) here’s another visual:

Stock Market Memes (@StockMarketMeme) | Twitter

The day my kids took me out for breakfast, I received a shock (no, I didn’t touch a light socket with wet hands.  I learned not to do that when I was 40).  I ordered a waffle and it was $12.00!!!  Twelve (12) dollars.  ONE WAFFLE WITH SYRUP!  I could’ve purchased 2 1/2 packages of frozen waffles for that price.

Yes, I’m one of “those people” who make one pot of something on the weekend and have it for dinner during the next 6 days.

I can’t imagine eating beans and rice for 6 days.  Can you imagine the gas that will produce?

With gastroparises, my farts would drive anyone out of my house.  Imagine being in a room with a hundred beer farts and cat crap that has been in the sun all day. 

Yep.  It’s that bad.  

Of course, my dogs think it’s perfume — just one more reason I like my dogs better than people.

For anyone within 50 feet of me, inflation will not do well in my the end.  But if you want to rid the world of any politician who thinks inflation is great for the nation, give me a bowl of beans and lock me in the room with them.

I just love that mental movie.