GUE unsettled

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  • As you can tell, I’m just not getting it right.

Playing in the primordial GUE.

ME:    God of the universe, and everything…maker of all there is…the alpha and the omega…

GUE:  You don’t have to be so formal.

ME:   Whatever you are?

GUE:  I know why you called me.  Your sister-in-law is dying a little each day.  She is nothing but skin and bones fighting for breath.  Her well pump won’t work right and you have to prime it every time you go to her house.  Her relatives arrived to tell you how badly the place stinks…

ME:    It’s more than that.  Why do you have to drag someone through hell, killing them a micron at a time?  Why can’t you just take her home?

GUE:  There is no time, no space.  We are all spirit believing we live in a solid world.

ME:    She isn’t suffering any less for it.

GUE:  Your children, grandchild, and your daughter’s husband are traveling to Florida to see you on Monday.  They’re coming all the way from Atlanta and Oklahoma City.

ME:    They are my life, my joy, I’m so excited!

GUE:  Earth isn’t hell or heaven, it’s a schoolroom.  Sometimes you make “A’s” and other times you’re beaten up by the school bully.

ME:    Why is there so much misery, beauty, passion, and pain in this plain of existence?

GUE:  You don’t really live here.

ME:    If I go around telling people, “You’re not really here,” I’ll be locked in a rubber room.

GUE:  That is the limitation of your perception, not the truth of your potential.

ME:    So…I’m to watch my sister-in-law die, one tiny paper cut at a time?  I’m to watch as the world destroys itself yet again? 

GUE:  Yes.

ME:   You act like it’s some kind of honor.

GUE:  You have the chance to rise above it all, not to question why it is happening to you but to be there for others who still believe they are the part they’re playing on this planet.

ME:    This has been a very unsettling conversation.

GUE:  Once you’re ready to hear it, to accept the truth, you’ll stop asking “why is this happening?” and start asking “What can I do to help alleviate the pain others are feeling?”

ME:    Probably not in this lifetime.

GUE:  Now you’re beginning to understand.