For better or for worse?


Life is beginning to look like this:

33 Matrix ideas | matrix, matrix quotes, wordsI’m told, by people who have had near-death experiences, that we have chosen the life we’re living. 

We’ve “married” this piece of flesh until “death do us part.”

I’m told — by these same people — they’d rather not stay married to their flesh, and would have preferred to be in a place where there is only peace and joy. 

My first question is always, “Then why are you here?”

Not a fan of the answer:  “I was born for a reason and sent back to finish the job.”

As I approach birthday #72, it is all too apparent that I’ve overstayed my welcome on this planet.

I was ever so happy to escape the 1950’s, and live through the 1960’s,  I pray that the polyester period in history, that error era called the 1970’s, will never come again.

But DAYUM!!!  2022 SUCKS!


2022 is even worse

COVID-19 is now a cross between a common cold and the flu, but people still treat it like the plague.

Don’t get me started on inflation.  Yesterday, I walked out of Dollar General with ONE BAG.  The 5 contents cost  a total of $22.50.

For the first 70 years of my life, I believed I knew my purpose. 

I was to be that person parents pointed out to their children as the bad example to avoid following.  For the past two years of my life, I look around at the insanity and wonder…

mental asylums - Imgflip  

I will leave you with this thought…

Ignorance Quotes | Ignorance Sayings | Ignorance Picture Quotes - Page 2

…because ONCE AGAIN, I had to read through notes, written by a high school graduate, that said, “He got hemselve snakes at the snake shack.”

Going to go to sleep, and hope that sanity has returned to Earth in 2 hours.

Until that time, I’ll continue searching for a pay phone.