Don’t look behind the curtain…

Those famous words from The Wizard of Oz

Yes, we’re living somewhere over the rainbow in the land of Oz and everything in the world is trying to eat us.

Politicians have two things in common:

  1.  lots of money to get elected.
  2.  do what is necessary to stay elected.

They tend not to be the world’s brightest, and ethics are optional…it depends upon what is going to get them elected.

Daily Conservative Political Memes - Liberty Nation

You must have a good sense of humor, a force field that can deflect any verbal barb…

…and a grate great script writer.


Best Political Memes of 2016... So far...

I looked all over for funny political memes.  Most memes about Trump were long-winded, reminding me of my son when he was in middle school. 

If my son was struggling in a class he’d talk at me for 30 minutes.  Somewhere in his monologue my mind would go numb.

I’d completely miss the part where he said, “…and I made an F in biology.” 

But the memes about Biden?  I was laughing my @$$ off!

I thought I’d share the mirth.


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And last, I’ll leave you with this thought

Donald Trump Presidential Campaign | Trump Organization

Um…I think we’re screwed.