Book 3…ever so close!

It’s so important to understand words.

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My editor emailed.  She’s ready to upload First Level of Hell:  The Mothers of Us All

She only needed a few things…like an ISBN number, the rest of the cover, how much I want for the book, Kindle…

My brain is reeling from reading the two-page list.

We were on the phone for two hours. 

Yes, it “only” took two hours to dig through emails and find that I’d purchased 10 ISBN numbers…in 2019.  They’re with my other editor in South Africa.

Yes, I have a blurb for the book — sort of.  She has to cut it in half.

The “cover” is only the front page.  It shows a man and a woman. The guy still has 123RF on his left cheek.  The book spine and the back of the book aren’t ready for upload, either.

We’re making progress.  It’s slower than a turtle on valium, but it’s still progress.