Book 3…almost there!!!!

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Book 3, the first level of Hell:  The Mother of us All.


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Next?  Formatting the interior and uploading the cover.

If you look to the left, Books 1 & 2 (Blue covers) are only a click away. 

What is book 3 about?   

Annie Eaton just wanted to be a normal college student.  That’s not as easy as it sounds. After her father was killed by one of the alien’s living in her mansion, Annie has to wonder every day of her life if she’s going to be the next victim of a species that has no control over when it procreates.  

At the age of 17, she was forced to help her grandmother, Alma, run a company.  Why bother? The “basement dweller” as his experiments call him, doesn’t have a lot of support from his planet.  He needs money to pay the government for building a state-of-the-art alien experiment. 

Yes, the Galaxy-Class Experimenter built a 4-story mansion to have more control over his experimental subjects.  Good luck with that! He was too busy saving Florida from a nuclear attack to see that Annie had planned her marriage to Martin Stein, the son of her family’s security guard.

Now the experimenter has a problem:  Annie, newly 18, was supposed to marry her college professor and, after that, marry Martin’s father, James.  If the experimenter can’t get rid of Martin, his experiment is ruined! 

Will Annie survive being an executive for 4 days a week…and a college student? Will her marriage survive her gargantuan schedule?  Will her family survive the experiment?