Senseless Sarcasm : Out of town

I’ve been told, “Never advertise when you’re going out of town. Considering the fact that my other half and 9 dogs will be watching the place, I doubt there will be anything to worry about.

As a kid, we went on vacation to three places:

  1. Up north to Wildwood, Florida (when you live near Miami, every place in the USA is “up north”).
  2. North Carolina.
  3. One trip to California when I was 11.

This was our house:

The picture was taken on a vacant lot at the busiest intersection in the city. There was no way we could hide when we were going out of town, but my parents did stop mail delivery for one or two weeks. You’d think we would’ve been robbed.

Alas, I digressTomorrow, I’ll be traveling and hopefully we’ll have book 3 — of the First level of Hell series — ready for publication. 

That’s my dream.  The reality may be entirely different. 

What are the possible scenarios?

  1. The book is so bad, I’ll have to revise the entire thing.
  2. The book isn’t half bad, but I’ll have to revise the other half.
  3. The book is almost ready to publish, but my Indie Partner is still learning how to format and upload the interior and doesn’t know how to upload the cover.

Yes, I do have a tendency to see the darker parts of reality.

Why Clean House When You Can Read Funny House Cleaning Memes? - Munofore

If nothing else, I’ll get away from the dog house for a few days.  It’s time for me to remember what it’s like to live in a place that doesn’t have spiderwebs everywhere and dust on everything. 

I mean…really?  Why bother to clean a house, it’s only going to get dirty again.  

Perhaps I can teach my dogs how to clean?  I’m not Snow White or Cinderella, but I did find my prince. He was named that at animal control. 

Yes. My Prince is a dog.  He’s like most princes — he knows how to eat, sleep, and eliminate waste in all the wrong places.

I’d better quit while I still have a head.