Senseless Friday Sarcasm : The price of gas

Down to my last 2 drafts of books in the 20 book series.  Why do I call them “drafts?” They’re roughed out but still need to be polished.

It’s time to celebrate…by complaining about the price of gasoline.

My present transportation, a 2004 Cadillac Deville, gets 22.6 miles per gallon.  Yesterday, it took half a tank of gas.  Translation:  9 gallons cost over $42.

I’ll be going to visit my best friend, who lives about 292 miles away, for editing and blogging advice.  That equals 13 gallons of gas — one way.   

At $4.32 a gallon (if it’s still that “low”), it will cost around $112.00 just to go from a town that’s 2 hours south of Jacksonville to a city that’s north of Tampa!

And, yes, I’ll be with my best friend, go for walks, and talk about our other halves. BUT most of the time, we’ll be setting up a writer’s blog AND editing book 3 for publication.

Tell me; WHO in their right mind, wants to take a trip across country that costs $1,500 just for the gasoline?

I wondered how everyone else was taking the insane gas prices.

Canadian’s are drinking more beer:

Gas prices aint no joke! - 🇨🇦 Canada Memes

Gas stations are no longer putting .9 at the end of their numbers:

GASOLINE PRICES - Very Demotivational - Demotivational Posters | Very ...

Here’s where people are going for date night:

Next time your girl-friend asks you to take her somewhere expensive ...

…and this has more truth in it than ever:

Gas Prices Funny / O.M.G. Gas Prices Funny Birthday Card - Greeting ...

This summer, when everyone looks forward to vacation time, the only people who can afford to go are the rich — and the insane few who think it’s a great idea to stuff their families inside tiny electric cars. 

I can’t imagine the “fun” they’ll have listening to children screaming in their ears while they’re looking for a place to plug in their cars.

If they weren’t entirely bonkers before leaving, they’ll be moving to the funny farm if they make it back home.