The joy of reading over what you wrote


I used to write a post each day.  Now I’m averaging one a week. 

That’s what happens when your work requires writing and you’re editing 20 books at home over a span of several months.

The major reason I look forward to editing? Working keep my mind off losing Dingo Dog. 

Out of all the people you know, how many think it’s a reward to edit what they’ve written? 


I’ll do office work and can’t wait to get home to edit my books.  That’s how I travel to a whole new world where everyone else’s problems are far worse than mine.

I’ll be traveling to a place north of Tampa to meet with my editor on June 1st.  When I told my boss about it, she said, “I didn’t know you’re a writer.”

She’s been on the job now for 5 months.  That’s the only reason she doesn’t know about my “other life.”  She was captivated by my 27 books (24 are waiting to be edited).   

If she buys one of my books, I’ll know.  Amazon will send me a notice.

I’ve just finished 2 hours writing a report for work.

Now it’s time to EDIT!!!