I don’t take cold showers, and I don’t speak computer.

The last part of March and the first part of April have proven that Murphy’s Law is true.

First, my hot water heater ruptured.  It was only 50 years old, so I don’t know why it would do that to me.   

My better half wanted a 20 gallon hot water heater. Yeah…right….That’s when I put my foot down and said, “I will not be half way through my shower when the water gets cold!”  We had more than a few heated battles over that during the last 5 days.  He might finish installing the 40-gallon version today.  In the meantime, I’ve had to heat water on the stove and take sponge baths.  

Second, I was using a computer so old it didn’t have sides and was cooled by half a fan (no sides on the fan, either). The inside looks something like this, only not as clean:

Then, I purchased a sleek looking thing a few years later that I’ve only had for 2 years. Yesterday, the hard drive failed — in my sleek model.  I am, therefore, once again relegated to the older computer with no sides and a fan.

Fortunately, all my books were backed-up on an external hard-drive.  Now all I have to do is update the old computer.  That should only take a few hours.

Then, my VPN refused to let me in.  I had the good fortune to “talk” to Carl on “Chat.”  He deserves a medal for patience and humor.  He had to lead me though taking off the 3 different VPN’s from the same company (I’m not supposed to have 3 copies), and downloading the newer version of SurfShark.  That only took 45 minutes, and he was so good!  Never was he impatient.  Not once!

I wonder if he’s heard of Murphy’s Law.  Better yet, has Murphy’s Law heard about Carl?

Remember that I learned to type on this:

My first computer looked like this:

You can imagine why I might not be quite as computer savvy as most of the world.

Once, I was asked, “How did you learn to use a computer so well?”

I replied, “Desperation.”