Senseless sarcasm : More on Sciencey

I was just reading that the transgender U.S. assistant secretary for health for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services was named one of the women of the year.  

Men are killing women’s sports, and now a biological male has been named woman of the year?  Does this sound sane to you?

A body based on XY chromosomes gets mutilated to look more like XX, but it still has more strength and speed than most women.  That’s science.

Let’s take a short jaunt through the past 100,000 years.

When I say 100K, I’m being kind.  Homo sapiens, with brains like ours, first appeared around 300,000 years ago…if you want to believe in carbon dating.  We Homo sapiens trust too much.  All you have to do is look at who we elect as our leaders and the problem is obvious.

We want to believe that one day we’ll live in peace.  We want to believe that people given too much power won’t be absolutely corrupted.  

I’d like to believe that all I have to do is wish on a star and anything is possible, too. So far, I’m not looking any younger.

Here’s how I see it: 

  • Mammalian males tend to be larger, faster, have the self-discipline of a hungry piranha, and they’re stronger.  Men generally die young from “Hey ya’ll, watch this” syndrome.
  • I can tell you from experience that natural childbirth is NOT for the weak.  Most women would like to stop at one or two children by someone they love. Many more women are happy being aunts.
  • In the Western world, half of all women choose not to have children.  It took a whole 5 minutes to find the statistic I wanted to see.
  • The only way to make half the world’s women have children is to create a society where she has zero rights and is forced into marriage.

What does this tell you?  This is what it tells me:  Nature doesn’t give a rats @$$ about our “feelings.”

I never said I liked it, but NOT liking something doesn’t make it any less real. I’m happy that I was able to spend 25 years (of a much longer life) living in a great country (1976 – 2001).   Now the political clowns are on parade, some people are doing somersaults with genetics, and others are attempting to tame the biological warfare lions.

That’s why I have a bad cased of IBES.

Let’s take a good look at the “human race.”

  • Imagine if you will that it takes 5000 years to go from hunter/gatherer to rocket science.  I’ll be generous and pretend it’s 10,000; it’s easier to divide that way.
  • Given that we’ve been around for 300,000 years, how many times have we destroyed each other. 30?
  • Whatever happened to, “3 strikes and you’re out?”


What’s next?  A serial killer, pedophile, or someone with schizophrenia must be mandated to serve on the president’s cabinet? After all, they’re people too? Right?

Will we be among the 99% of all the species that ever lived and became extinct.

We can do this quickly if we unleash every nuclear weapon in existence!

I know — we went from transgender to transcontinental missiles.  Ranting does that to a person. 

The world’s problem stems from the fact that it doesn’t seem to think veryone from garbage collectors to rocket scientists are important.  Why does it seem that garbage collectors have more sense? Maybe it’s because they’re not the ones creating nuclear weapons for money — they’re too busy cleaning up other people’s messes.

Personally, I think it’s human nature to shoot ourselves in the foot…but shooting yourself in the foot with a nuclear missile?

When China, Russia, and the US get sick of each other’s s#!t, will it be the serial killer in office ordering a full-scale launch?

It appears that the world will have peace, and a hell of a lot more common sense, when bees become the predominant species.