Senseless Someday Sarcasm : (Mental) Status

Have you taken a good look at the world yet?  I’ll explain it in simple terms:  Imagine, if you will, that a 13-year-old with an attitude has just discovered the code to every nation’s nuclear arsenal.

I’m self-employed so I have to itemize.  I started to calculate my own taxes one year.  It wasn’t a pretty sight. 

Trying to read the tax code is like reading a menu in Chinese and finding you’ve just ordered the special for the day: Tripe and octopus sauteed with insects.

Join me in a cup of COVID-19 sweetened with inflation, and topped with a sprinkle of stress.

My accountant raised his fee by $100 this year, a 28% jump.  Unfortunately, I’m stuck at the lower end of middle-class with one foot firmly entrenched inside the poverty line.  

I know I shouldn’t complain…but d@mn!  My accountant’s $100 jump is only an “estimate.”   The last time I received an estimate I regretted, I had to pay a moving company three times their quote or they’d hold hostage everything I owned. 

What was I supposed to do; weigh every box with my eyes?

I’m paid $15 an hour.  My tax accountant gets around $80,000 a year.  That’s $6,666.66666 each month.  It’s just plain evil!  But what can I do? Any further attempts to decipher the tax code will result in mental overload, so I have to put on my big-girl pants and suck it up. 

Gas is three times as high this year.  I just spent $40 on two bags of groceries. I look at the veterinarian and it’s $200.  Insurance for my house and car costs the same as my salary for one month in the 1970’s.

There’s inflation, then there’s nuclear explosion inflation, from which I’m presently feeling the burn.

Excuse me while I contemplate how I’m going to escape this year’s attempt to kill me.