From this point on

From this point on, I promise to…

  1. Confront problems by ignoring them.
  2. Ignore problems by pretending they aren’t there.

If you feel like you’re going round and round and round in a never-ending loop; you’re too close to the problem.

The root of the problem looks something like this, but it doesn’t have anything to do with 2020:

Here’s the way I handle the problem, in a nutshell:

If only problems were this easy to discard:

The end result generally resembles the following — and I’m not being catty:

If you’re curious about the problem, I’m not worried about a nuclear war:  When you’re dead you no longer have problems.  They become someone else’s headache, if there is a “someone else” left to start over again.

So…I’ll keep doing what I’m doing and hope I don’t have to cross that bridge while it’s burning behind me.

Are you confused yet?  If so, I’ve done my job.