Poetry : First Inversion

Dr. Robert Simon

Professor, poet, musician, writer, father extraordinaire.

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First Inversion

This morning I watched the clouds part

Between squalls


In musical notation we call

three notes from the same diatonic progress a triad,

If you take the root (or bottom note, first position tone) and place it

Above the rest, it’s called first inversion,


So C-E-G becomes E-G—C,.

The extra space, that interval of a fourth,

A small leap to the ear and an eternity to the heart


Last year’s walk down the road

That parted two sides of the same forest,

A path for cattle and fire


First inversions mark the place


This morning I sat in two music classes,

Spent quality time in corrective response,

Then ate a cereal bar

And taught two courses in Spanish,

Spent quality time in corrective response


If we double the root of a C-chord in first inversion

We have E-G—C-E


The base is never the root, much like

Finding out your absent student can speak better

Than the one in front of you,


Than the way the flames cross the avenue

Or the ends of rainclouds meet


Between squalls

I watch as the final grey and green subside


He’s also made an oath to get all my books published when I die.  I’m the “Occassional Poet©” and he’s the serious poet, but I’m dead serious about haunting him after this body’s expiration date until every last one of my books are in print. 😊

You can find more of his poetry starting at:  https://www.finishinglinepress.com/product/an-ode-to-friendship-by-robert-simon/