Senseless Sunday Sarcasm: Taxes

Yep.  It’s time to get my receipts together again.

So far, I’m only missing 2 phone bills, 2 electric bills, and I’ve sorted them by type. That’s the first step before entering them into a spreadsheet.  Next on the list?   Health care, Rx, home and car insurance, work expenses…

Every year I say, “I need to sort these out before tax time.”

Last year, I did open 3/4ths of the envelopes on the day I received them.  My finger aren’t as sore this time. The good news?  I didn’t get blood on any of the bills this year. 

Yes, I’ve had letter openers before.  When I can find them again, I’ll let you know.

Every year I say, “Why do I bother?”   

I’m a self-employed subcontractor and I have to itemize everything.  After I itemize, it’s never over the allowable deductions. 

In two and a half word:  I’m screwed.

Did I mention the $200 I have to spend on a tax accountant that ALWAYS files my taxes in July? Or that every year I have late penalty even though I get my itemized spreadsheet to him in March?  

I’d retire, but I love my job.  I can’t imagine being home all day without having an anxiety attack every month over getting the reports out before there’s pay-back.   I wouldn’t know what to do with all that free time and no money to spend spend on luxuries like food.

Next year, I might have all the envelopes opened first. 

Considering the fact that I’ve been doing it this way since 1997, that’s progress.