Senseless Sarcasm : Reading materials for life.

Yes, it’s true. Some days my cat writes better than I do.

My eyes are crossed, I’m dizzy, and I can’t stop editing!

The bed awaits…but I want to do one last sentence, one last paragraph…

Finally, I’ve finished another book.  Inside my brain I’m standing in a mental box. The trap door opens, I’m falling, falling.  I yell out, “Noooo…just…one…more…book!”

At least that’s what it feels like.

Here’s the truth:  I have prism’s in both the left and right lenses of my glasses.  One eye sees higher than the other.  One eye sees more to the side.  I will always be cross-eyed.  You can’t get a cheap pair of glasses when you need prisms. 

I don’t know what the trap door means, just that I feel let down when I finish a book.

Do you know any writers who can’t remember what they wrote? I didn’t know how my last book ended until I read the final chapter.

My sister is correct:  I could have a small shelf of books and have reading materials for life.