Tax Time and Meat Loaf

I’m sitting at my desk, eating the last of my frozen meatloaf.  I found the recipe on-line and, if you like the taste of ketchup, it’s great.  But it’s all I can afford.

Making a sandwich seemed so…taxing.  Which reminds me that I have to itemize my taxes again this year, just as I’ve been doing since 1997.


It never gets easier, but this year I can take off the cost of my new Windows 10 computer that I didn’t want.  You know…the one that was more expensive than my green Jeep.


Since my income circles “destitute” like a vulture eying it’s prey, I’ll probably have no more than the self-employment tax to pay.  

Most people can fill out the one-page form, and send it in.  My taxes are completed by a tax accountant, which isn’t cheap.  Every year I ask the accountant to skip over anything that isn’t absolutely, positively deductible

Thus, the reason why I can’t get an earned income credit, which is no good if you’re called into an audit.  Those things can be expensive.

I do have one question:

Not that there is more than one voice in my head, but GUE (God, the Universe and Everything) isn’t talking to me today.

What a perfect time to do more editing!