Extreme Edit Mode.

I’m in extreme edit mode.  It means I’m seeing every word and how it impacts a sentence, paragraph, and chapter.  Never did I know how many mistakes hid in the shadows. 

How do I know when a sentence needs to be changed?

  1. I can’t understand what I’m reading, and don’t remember what I was trying to portray.  I’ve torn apart multiple paragraphs to do an entire rewrite.
  2. I’m bored in the middle of a long sentence and have to reread it several times.  I cut out a bunch of words until I can read the sentence without falling asleep.
  3. I’ve already said the same thing 3 times on the same page.  That, I highlight and delete.

So far, I’ve cut out two entire pages.  

Most of us have our “little darlings,” those meaningful sentences that absolutely MUST remain.  I’ve cut a few of those out, too. 

I’m supposed to be working on reports at home, but today I’m going to continue scrutinizing unpublished books while my brain is in edit mode. 

Yes, edit modes come and go, but reports remain the same.