Senseless Sarcasm : Operator error…again

I’ve been in a email desert for weeks. 

Used to get notifications from WP.  Now, they want $3 a month for an inbox.

For some reason, I’m relegated to the Inbox section to access my pull-down notifications or, I can use the Reader.

As usual, I have no doubt it was caused by “operator error.”

No one wants to be wrong.   It’s easier for me to say “operator error” than to admit that I was the one who screwed it all up.

Think of it this way:  We try to gloss over death by telling our kids that “Life is hard, then you die.”  

Some people say:

No, an ocean doesn’t diminsh the sentiment any better than ketchup improves the taste of cr@ppy food…it simply covers the message.

Other people say:


Why don’t people just tell it like it is: 

 Life sucks, we’re f**ked.  Everything on Earth is out to kill us.

Fewer people walk away from a person who tells a few jokes, and then says with a smile, “Well, there you have it!  Life’s hard, then we die.”

Tell me I’m wrong.  Tell me I’m write right.

Isn’t that what the reply section is for? 😆😆😆