How to spend 10 days at home

How to spend 10 days at home and still get paid?  It’s simple:

  1.  Have a mask exemption
  2.  Have two people test positive for Covid in a place that has 100 employees.
  3.  Suddenly, everyone is paranoid.

Ergo, why I’ll be getting up at 10:00am in the morning…and work when I want…in my pajamas.  

Since I have the capability to work from home, it just means I’ll save gasoline — which jumped from $1.90 per gallon to $3.14 in less than a year.

The person who gets the brunt of this is my “shadow.” 

I asked for someone to shadow me on the job.  Why?

If I don’t wake up tomorrow morning, there will be one person in this world who knows my job is a hot mess. 

She gets to do all the leg work.

I type the reports.  She prints them out, gets them signed, and scans them into the computer.

Did I mention there are more reports this month than at any other time of the year.

Yep.  It’s allllll good!