Senseless someday sarcasm : When your book sucks.

It’s 10:30am and I’m finally UP.  Yay!

I have walked though the tunnel, I have lived through the trauma of a 1st world disease and understand:  It’s worse than breaking a fingernail.

All that is left for me to do?  Get off the tressel and run head-long into the on-coming trainwreck called, “Cough all the cr@p out of your lungs.”

I can’t go anywhere in this house without my better half knowing how to find me — just follow the coughing.

Oh…the horror of it all!  During the worst of it, there was nothing to do but edit 4 of my books.   

!!The first book I edited has been published for years!!

Where is the horror in that?  Discovering the first chapter would send anybody away from the rest of the book — as far and fast as possible. 

After reading it I asked, “What the hell was I trying to say?”

  It was like reading the very first “first draft.”  Thus, I heeded Hemingway’s words:



I’m so embarrased that my embarrasment is embarrassed.  

I’ll read through the entire book again in a few weeks, and then I’ll ask my Indie Partner to reload the interior.


Yes.  It is, quite literally, THAT BAD.


The two things every writer should remember:

  1.  Make the first draft memorable…
  2. …so that people will read the rest of your book.

All these years, I thought Immortal Sands was my best work.  

“Stranded” will be out soon (as in “prior to the 22nd century”).  That’s the next on my list to re-read.