Senseless Sunday Sarcasm : tired, tried, diet, tied, dirt, die…

Where am I?

Seeing red.

I’m at home, sitting on a 20-year-old chair in a office that desperately needs to be cleaned.

Did I mention I’m chasing away the 20 pound coon cat?  He insists upon standing in front of my computer while I type.

I made a PBJ (peanut butter and jelly) sandwich for breakfast.  That used up 1/2 my energy.  Eating half of it used another quarter of my energy. 

Didn’t know I had jelly on my finger tips.  Now the keys are sticky. 

 Just finished cleaning off the keys.  They’re wet, sticky, and 3% of my energy remains. 

It’s hard to know when you catch a disease, but I know when I caught mine — sort of. 

I can’t remember exactly where, just that some guy in his 80’s looked at me and sneezed in my direction.  TWICE!  His eyes were saying, “Et tu b!#ch!

I guarantee the sneezes traveled farther than the 6 foot “rule.”

Soooo…  I went inside my absolutely useless body to ask God, the Universe and Everything, “Why am I still sick?

Me:  GUE?  

GUE:  Yes.

Me:  Why am I still sick.

GUE: You’re human.  humans get sick. Why aren’t you dead?

Me:  You mean…it’s my time to die?

GUE: I guess not.  You’re still alive.

As you can see, that went well.



To be kind; this has been grueling.

I have to be at work tomorrow and wondering if I’ll make it to my office.  But…I’ll be sleeping again in a few minutes, and it’s only 10:10 on a Sunday morning.

Unfortunately, I love the people working in the Administrative Offices and there is no one who deserves to be sneezed at. 

There’s more to write, but I have to find a bed before my head ungracefully blomps onto a desk that’s not much bigger than my migraine.

Ah, the wonders of memes. :

 Do electric chairs have buttons?  If so, I’d gladly push the button on his.