Senseless Sunday Sarcasm : Hoarsepower

After three weeks of silence I have the energy level of a coma patient, and I speak like a toothless cowboy. 

When I’m able to speak.

It’s no fun standing around listening to a 15 minute monologue.  I want to hit the A$$ who asks after all that time, “Do you understand?” 

I want to say, “Could you repeat that?”  But…

…if I didn’t have the energy to listen to it the first time, why would I want to endure more verbal torture?


Laryngitis is so weird; My better half hasn’t been touched by it.

Whoops!  That was the meme NEXT to the one I’m trying to steal.  Did I mention that being sick makes me cross-eyed?

Here’s the one I wanted:

I started writing this post on Monday.  I’m finishing it on Wednesday…wait!  It’s Thursday? 

Definitely 1 hoarsepower.

I’m going to do one thing today, just to show that I can!

I did go to work 3 days in a row.  My car is in the shop, so my better half took me there and back.

People at work kept asking, “How are you?”

My reply, “I’m here.”

I’ve been doing the same job for so many years, I can almost do it in my sleep, ergo; my body is on autodrive until my brain starts working.

The day I try to retire again, my phone, internet, and any hope of traveling more than 3 miles a week to the food line will disappear with my job.

Now, I’m awake.