I’m awake.  Sort of.

After spending over an hour on my last post, it appears that people out in the blog-o-sphere are getting to be a lot like me.  We’re tired of watching the world try to kill itself and want to laugh at something funny.

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Our entire world is insane.

We’re on a bus stuck on the tracks,

while a 3-year-old’s driving the train.

We’re NOT simply watching the world go by, we’re ground zero inside this train wreck.

We all seem to be hiding inside our computers, hating the world

— while looking for something to laugh at. 

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Let’s take a GOOD look at human existence:

Some think we’re vegetables:

I AM A HUMAN BEAN - 10 Guy - quickmeme

Others endure us for our opposable thumbs that will open a can if you yell at him loud enough:

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There are people who believe in skinless human greatness:

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And yet others “tell it like it is” to anyone who’ll listen.

The latest science on Human Evolution - Imgflip

We believe in ourselves far more than we deserve.

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If the entire world was owned by dogs, it would be a much better place…

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…said most despots ever.  Although a few have a different concept of what it means to be a “dog.”

NaNoWriMo is nearing the end. 

I will continue to write my book

and maybe this time

I’ll allow the aliens to win.

Not that they’re any better, but…