Over looking, or looking over?

Feeling a bit empty lately?

I’ve been feeling rather bland lately, sort of like a banana traveling across the waters on a boat and wondering what kind of exciting life I’ll be leading, only to be stacked on a shelf at a small-town “Wally World.”

There, a 300 pound woman wearing a bikini will take me home,  and I will meet an untimely death after she accidentally sits on me.


Yes, I’m a writer.  Why did you ask?

Today, I travelled back through time and found a few “gems” from the blog-o-sphere of yester year (aka 2014).

Let’s be real:  I awoke to the taste of rancid cheddar cheese potato “crisps” (Aka reconstructed mush baked into chips) that reminded me of old bananas.  There, on the right side of my post, were a few entries I didn’t recognize.

When you’ve posted 2,885 times since 2012, it’s not hard to miss a few.

How has my writing style changed?

I write fewer words.  And after reading one of my old posts I can say for a fact that fewer words are far better.

At this moment in NaNoWriMo history, I’m at 37,924 words.  I’ll be working all this week, and doing the NaNoWriMo jig again  next weekend — I hope.  With only a little over 12,000 words to the finish line, if I write 4,000 words in 4 days, I win — along with 11,000 other people — days before the “finish line.”

Given my history, the book should be published in about 10 years.

Maybe 20.

Just ask my dogs:  To them, life is ruff, ruff, ruff.