Where are the flying cars…?

…in the ozone, where common sense goes to die.

Funny Wallpapers: FUNNY FLYING CAR

Behold, the mini-cop

I’ve been in the ozone lately, my mind wrapped in so much minutia.  Were it hairs all over my body, I’d look like the Addam’s cousin IT.

So then, where are the flying cars?

It’s a whale of a tale:

MeLolz - Just For Fun, Funny Memes Jokes, Troll Pics: airplane

How can the sarcasm fail to flow?

Top 10 car memes - March 2017 | PerformanceDrive

Yes, my brain is presently in the ozone and I know why.  It isn’t a good place to be if you’re writing; however, it’s a great place to be when you’re editing.

It takes so little effort to say, “That word!  It’s misspelled!”  The red line under the word helps, too.

Unfortunately, editing doesn’t count when you’re doing NaNoWriMo. 

My mind is, at present, in NoMoBrainWo.

Fortunately, when I could type 5000 words in a day, all was wonderful.  And then, the Editing monster found me.

When this is your mascot, ET can’t even phone home:

So then, people who don’t know that National Novel Writing Month (aka: NaNoWriMo) is in full swing…I have 19,000 words to go and I’ve already written 31,000.

I know it’s only November 13, 2021, but…I think I’ve just used my last brain cell.

Memes: Write Something - Erin Penn's Second Base

…because all the best words ever have already escaped from my pen.

Seemorerocks: The TPP and climate change

Oh yeah… that’ll happen when pigs fly.

Where are the flying cars?