Mojo is a no-go


NaNoWriMo is upon us and my mojo is a no-go. 

The problem is work.

I just completed a “course” (if you want to call it that) on the use of a new computer system.  Do you know what happens when government creates a new computer system?

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I have a system that works: 

  • Create document.
  • 3 people sign document.
  • Make copies.
  • Mail copies.

After taking this new “course” I find that not only do I have to gather the SAME information to create the document, but — I have to

  • try to get signatures that include people from other states who never send anything back,
  • log into an unfriendly system that requires a text message, facial recognition, and a phone call,
  • click on several icons to find one computer screen,
  • re-enter the same information,
  • make a PDF of the entire document
  • send that via a message system that requires 10 more steps, and then
  • go through several more computer screens so that I can send it electronically to the government person who will get around to looking at it someday.

Basically, this is what has become of a seamless system:

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What once took less than an hour to get there will now take about five.  If I’m lucky.

I should have known.  After all, the governments motto is this: