4:00am ponderings : The human meat package

I’m, me, my, mine, I’ll, I.

Words to describe everything inside the human meat package.

But what do those words mean? Where does the I end and the YOU begin? 

If, as Carl Sagan said, we’re all made of “star stuff,” we’re nothing but recycled celestial building materials.

My apologies to “Star Trek,”  but I think the aliens might be right.

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Ugly bags of mostly water.

How can cells be 90% water without drowning?

If the body is 70% water and cells are 90% water what were researchers studying at the time, the effects of crack on their scientific minds?

I’m not amused that the water flowing through my body was once part of someone else’s diarrhea.  That’s not the kind of human connection most of us hope for. 

Nor do most of us want to know this:   

We have 100 trillion bacteria in our gut alone. 

Our tracheal toilet and skin are full of it, too.

Remember that the next time you kiss your significant other.


You are your bacteria? really?

It appears that we’re ugly bags of mostly bacteria water.

There are some things a vigorous shower can’t cure.