Things the sarcastic mind thinks about at 2:00am

  • Universe:  For all we know, our universe could be a cell in the body of a giant dinosaur.  By the time one of his lumbering feet moves in front of another, a trillion years have passed in our time stream and our cell is dead.
  • Galaxy:            What if galaxies were mitochondrion?
  • Solar system:  An atom by any other name with the sun at the nucleus?
  • World:             Electron?
  • Ice Cream:      Black Jack Cherry full of chocolate chips and cherry pieces that help me forget one inescapable fact…


Just fractilling imagine that our bodies are the sum of 15 trillion universes…

…inside a creature with more than 15 trillion universes and a brain the size of a leach.

That just sucks!

Ergo, the black jack cherry ice cream with a taste that can make feelings of insignificance mysteriously disappear.

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Just think about all the births, deaths, meteor collisions and black holes that might be residing in our own bodies.

  • Do evil people contain more black holes than others?
  • Do ditzy people have more nebulas?

How dreadful the thought of galaxies that have never known the smooth, chocolaty cherryness of my favorite ice cream!  They would indeed be evil places.

Now that my brain is in ice cream overload mode, life is good once again.

That should last until 4 hours from now, when the alarm goes off.