When morning doesn’t go as planned

Asleep at 10 and awake at…what time?  

Spring Newsletter

…or so it appeared.

Thus began the morning routine:   

  • Take supplements (like turmeric, brain enhancement formula with names I can’t pronounce…)
  • Refill dog food bowls
  • Check dog water bowls, clean and fill…

I looked at the clock again. It wasn’t 20 minutes to 6!   It was 12:40am!!!

Note to self:  When clock hands create a straight line, pay close attention to which number is crossed out.  That’s called “the minute hand.”

…and then, I shuddered at the unwanted anticipation of a bizarre torture inflicted on the world by people in power who have no common sense.

Yes.  In another 3 weeks and 5 days, a useless ritual will occur that is far worse than a house-sized meteor hitting the mid-Atlantic!

DAYLIGHT SLAVING TIME:  An event that leaves your inner clock looking like this…


A Tsunami is preferable.  When you live on high(er) ground in the middle of a state, a 100 foot wall of water isn’t going to invade your house. 

The downside?  I might have to commute to work by boat.  Except that work is about 10 feet above sea level and I’m not a diver…and I don’t like being on water…or in a boat.

People who love boating say, “No worries, it’s perfectly safe.

I say, “Yeah…right.”

The "no worries" boat response | Boat humor, Funny meme ...

I have a full day of work tomorrow copying files.

The only thing more exciting than that is being in a coma…or filing.  Is there a difference?

At least I won’t have to take my morning pills.