Senseless Sunday Sarcasm : Chillin’

When I began to write this on a Sunday morning, it was a chilly 66F in Florida(18.9C for everyone else in the world).  Now, it’s Tuesday and 64F.

I hate winter.

The dogs were, and still are, chillin’ on my bed.

The needle-nosed doglet in the middle of the picture is part Lurcher.  See that space between Lurcher dog and the bottom left hand corner?    That’s the kind of space I look for when it’s time to sleep.

I just changed the sheet again last night, as I do once every 2 days.  Why? Each morning they run around outside and bring half the sand in with them.   When there’s lightning, there’s not an inch of space left as 8 dogs curl up and shiver.  The average is 5 dogs talented with finding the best way to stretch their bodies across the most bed space.

My bed is 7 moving blankets and a memory foam topper protected by a plastic mattress.  Basically, it’s a king-sized bed in a bag.

How do I find that 18 inch by 6 feet of bed space I’ll need?  Where that particular rectangle is located varies according to how the dogs decide to distribute their body parts.

First, I locate a space between the dogs.

Then, I throw a doubled-over comforter in the optimal space.

THAT is where I’ll be sleeping.

Eskimo dog will move his head out from under the comforter, and Obstinate dog will move her feet when she turns around to use my neck as a pillow.

Chilly Coon Kitty , as usual, owns my desk

He would rather be on my bed using my chest as his own private kneading pad.  Since he insists on kneading with his claws out, I’d rather have the company of dogs.

Just about 1/3 of my desk has his cat bed (which he doesn’t use), food bowl, and one of my 20 ounce cups to hold his water.  Where does he want to sleep? Next to my phone.

Most people wouldn’t like living in a giant dog house.

Some days I dream of having a pristine home with 20 live-in maids and a live-in veterinarian.  But no one can have everything they want in life.

Most people don’t awaken surrounded by the love and protection of beings devoted to them who only want to be loved and warm and fed.  The number of times they awaken me each night, that’s a topic for another post.