My son’s poetry: Sideways

Professor, poet, musician, writer, father extraordinaire.

My son has promised to publish a poem on my blog at least once a month.

He’s also made an oath to get all my books published when I die.  I’m the “Occassional Poet©” and he’s the serious poet, but I’m dead serious about haunting him after this body’s expiration date until every last one of my books are in print. 😎

If you’d like to see more of his poetry, please let him know in the reply section.



A lunch turns to a short visit  

Turns to cuddling turns to a kiss  

Turns to frolicking on a couch  

Until too late to finish tomorrow’s  

Sandwiches turns to bolting up and down  

Stairs while the child who for once  

Was ready early watches curiously  

Turns to arriving 30 seconds before the bus leaves  

Turns to realizations about which verse  

Was more important turns to the end  

Of a brief foray into sweet arms around arms  



More about my son:

  • He’s a full professor teaching Spanish and Portuguese language and literature. 
  • He’s a student working towards a Bachelor’s degree in Music.
  • He’s the single father of a 14-year-old daughter who is too smart for her own good, and…
  • Yes, ladies, he cleans, cooks, and does laundry!
  • Did I mention he has a brown belt is some sort of martial arts and he runs marathons?

You can find more of his poetry starting at: