Senseless Friday Sarcasm : Words that aren’t words.

I have a confession to make.  Some of the words I love the most aren’t considered words, except in on-line dictionaries that aren’t Merriam-Webster.

  1. Irregardless.    Yes, irregardless of what other people say, this is the amphetamine of words.  Instead of saying, “regardless of what other people think”, it drips ice cold blue apathy onto the page and screams out how little I care about what other people might think.  Remember that “meh” wasn’t a word until Merriam-Webster legitimized it.
  2. Obliviot.   I first ran into the word when Randy Cassingham posted it on his  This Is True   website.  I wear a T-shirt I bought years ago from This is True that says “Get Out Of Hell Free.”  I stopped reading his posts when it became all about his membership to Mensa.  Since I didn’t see anything about that during the 4 minutes I was on his website to get the web address, he probably learned that 90% of the world often wonders if “menses” is the plural of Mensa.  
  3. Aaarrrugh!!!   What one yells inside his or her mind when talking to an obliviot.  Unfortunately,  obtusity as well as beauty are both in the eye of the beholder.  As an example:
    • “Why won’t you take the vaccine?”
    • “My doctor says it will kill me.”
    • “I mean…really.  Why won’t you take the vaccine?”
    • “Do you want a note from my doctor?”  *walks away in a huff.*

Though it’s not a perfect fit, I suppose you could call that person an…

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As a reminder of how fickle language can be; bytes, terabytes, and gigabytes were not words until there were computers.

That’s all I have in me for today.  It’s 5 in the morning and the dogs want their human pillow to crawl back into bed.