Too Much Information

Yes, this is a rant.

Ranting helps me to put things into perspective so that tomorrow morning — when I go to work — I won’t get fired for throwing sarcasm at the first person who says, “Have a grate day.”

Look I'm Trying to Rant Here Top Interrupting I Me With ...

Once upon a time, I loved writing.

When my first book was published, I remember crying as I held it in my hands and said, “I’ve accomplished my dream!”

I’d like to remember that feeling, and the euphoria of believing it was possible for all my other book babies to be born.

Little did I understand how much I didn’t know about publishing a book.

  1.  Unless you’re very rich, and $60,000 means nothing to you, there is a lot you’ll have to do on your own.
  2. Advertising takes time, money and talent.  Most of us didn’t inherit the advertising gene.
  3. A few years after my first book was published, Amazon bought out CreateSpace and traditional publishers invaded the social media platforms that once gave Indie writers an “edge.”  In other words, the big guys didn’t like the competition and pushed us out of the way.
  4. There is a lot of advice out there in cyberspace, and scammers abound.   I find that Alli is a great place to find out who is trying to rob you of your money.  There’s a lot of good information to be found at
  5. You’ll need an editor, beta readers, someone to format and upload the interior, someone to create the cover, and so many other someone’s…

…at present, I’m suffering from INFORMATION OVERLOAD.

If I took all of the advice from great sources, printed out their posts, and bought a warehouse full of tape, I could (probably…maybe?) create a chain that would cross the USA.

Oh…there’s more!

  • Need beta readers?  Unless you have a ton of friends, good luck with that.
  • Need to pay the $9000 it will cost to go from manuscript to publication in installments?    Hope you have a credit score over 800 and a credit card that charges you less than 10% interest.
  • I didn’t include the cost of advertising.

The book I’m working on lingers in digital form, waiting for my brain to get past OVERLOAD SYNDROME.  There are 25 books waiting in line for their chance to be published, so why am I bothering to write one more?

…because…because D@$%it, I can’t NOT write!  Even if I’m only writing a rant about the reasons why my books are collecting digital dust.

Maybe tomorrow the hurricane of thoughts tearing my brain apart will clear, and my creativity will flower.  Maybe tomorrow the whole world will know peace, too.

We might need aliens for that.

Don’t get me started on aliens.