The Big C

Asleep at 9:00pm and up at 11:00.  Why did I awaken after 2 whole hours of sleep?

Pretty Pittie, the gentle and loving doggie on the left, was coughing.

It could have been a bean sprout stuck in her throat from dinner, but that wasn’t my first thought:

?I wondered if she had the big C?

Not too far “out there”, since my best friend has it, and so does someone from work.  The difference is…I worry about my 4-footed family, and humans created this s#!t.

You know me too well:  When the going gets tough, the tough get sarcastic.

…and lettuce spray that we can beet this thing.

People are so frightened of being on a plane with “the infected” that they’ll do anything to get some space.

You know what they say: “Delta is ready when you are.”

I thought it was bad when people were hoarding toilet paper; but this?

Too bad all the passengers are on top of the plane.  No one knows the pilot is bailing out on them.

The good news is, they won’t have to suffer from coughing fits when their time comes.

And lastly, my favorite meme from the first round of the big C.

Isn’t it strange there’s no run on toilet paper this time?

Judging from the bare shelves at the Dollar General, they’re hoarding cat food.