Vacation? Yeah…right

My brain wants to take a vacation.

How do I know?

My fingers won’t even talk to me.

Some days, the fingers fly furiously across the keyboard and I wonder, “What’s going to happen next?”

That’s when writing is fun.

Present level of writing skills.

Where would I go on vacation? 

Anyplace under the altitude of 3000 feet that isn’t swamp land.  A place that has a lovely view of the mountains, doesn’t allow music to be played at a rock-band decibel, and doesn’t require a snowsuit in July.

Railroad Humor | Abandoned train, Abandoned, Abandoned places

I’d love one of those yearly train passes where you can go anywhere you want.

The only thing preventing me from my dream vacation is a condition I like to call “a chronic out-of-money experience.”

That — and the train route:

Here’s a fun activity, kids:  Find the fastest route from North Florida to Atlanta. 

I’ll save you the trouble:

  • Florida to North Carolina.  Change trains.
  • NC to Raleigh.  Change trains.
  • Raleigh to Atlanta.

If you can get a connecting train the same day, it’s a 2-day trip.

Until my fingers are once again talking to my brain, I’ll be doing this…

…in my dreams.