Strange National Days

There’s a national chocolate day, national get up day and a national Daiquiri day.  

Yesterday, I did almost EVERYTHING wrong, so I thought,  Why isn’t there a national wrong day?

Looks like I was mistaken…again. 


Here’s to another strange day

Some of us don’t give a flying $*@% what day it is.

I have 3 reasons to celebrate on this day:


There are 222 National Holidays in July.

Today is

  • National Lottery Day
  • National Peach Ice Cream Day
  • Woodie Wagon Day, and
  • Wrong Way Corrigan Day

If that’s not enough reason to celebrate, it’s also National Hemp Month.

That might explain a lot about July.  Or excess mental wanderings could be the result of heat stroke.

Did you know that July 31 is National Heat Stroke Awareness day?  Yep.  There’s a day for that.

My birthday is this month and I found just the right cake.

Misc. 30+ Geezer crew! Sphincters and birthday cake ...

By the time I get all the candles off, it’s going to be covered with mold.

Yep.  There’s a T-shirt for that